the BMDRG conCept
online r+d group investigates current
trends in internet end-user behavior
The Behavior Modification Development Research Group consists of a dedicated team of research scientists and web automation engineers — united to research the behavior of internet end-users, and then to develop and implement means of modifying end-user online behaviors. Visitors to the site will be 'watched' by the online behavior research team { and messaging that notifies the end-user that 'you are being watched' will surface throughout the experience, including relavant cookie and tracking mechanisms }.

That being said, the BMDRG team will be entirely fictitious. The website will serve 2 purposes :
  1. To define the corporate vision and identify the key fictional players in the r+d experimentation { develop a persona for the company and it's scientific associates }
  2. To create an online experience that blurs the boundary between the real + surreal | between hyperreality and physical reality | between the watcher and the watched
The website will be built piece by piece through a series of online, functional components. These components include :
  1. BMDRG survey application that asks absurd questions { see examples } and then tallies the results of the BMDRG findings using simple + standard data visualizations
  2. A news blog dedicated to propagation of BMDRG news + recent advances
  3. A faux-cam scenario whereby the end-user will be able to see inside the BMDRG labs — more importantly — here the camBox will show the BMDRG scientist observing the behavior of the end-user | visitor
  4. A flash-based faux-chat application that allows you to converse with a member of the BMDRG team — this chat will have 2 modes : an automated, self-running simulation of chat + the ability to allow myself or other BMDRG end-users to converse on behalf of BMDRG
  5. Implementation of a tracking subsystem to help monitor and report survey and other relevant site-specific data back to the end-user
  6. Other components deemed to add value to the reality blur of the BMDRG online experience
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